Personal assistant servicesPERSONAL ASSISTANCE

 Anyone can forget a birthday or anniversary. It seems our personal or business schedules are the busiest during these times of forgetfulness, and the last thing you have time for is shopping. An on-demand personal assistant from Bonita Valet Home Watch and Concierge Services can help. 

Even if you aren’t pressed for time, often you would rather just golf than go shopping.  Call your Bonita Valet, and your gift can be purchased for you, exquisitely wrapped, and delivered to you at the 19th hole before you go home.  With the demands of a hectic work schedule, running errands and completing personal chores and tasks, little time remains to take pleasure in the people and activities you truly enjoy.  Gain back some of your free time by hiring the services of a personal assistant, home manager, and organizer. 

As your personal assistant, your Bonita Valet will listen to your requests and follow them to completion.  You describe the service, errand or gift, and your new valet, assistant or personal shopper will do the legwork.  No task is too menial, no request too small.  Trust your Bonita Valet to handle the aspects of your life that you don’t enjoy or never have time to do so you can focus on work, family, friends and enjoying your leisure time. 

Feeling under the weather or not able to go out-and-about as often as you would like?  Now you know someone reliable and trustworthy who can assist in buying your groceries or picking up your prescriptions and deliver them to you at home - your Bonita Valet! 


 Bonita Valet is an elite concierge company for Naples and Bonita Springs providing upscale, confidential personal assistant services to clientele who desire quality, extraordinary, specialized attention. Bonita Valet clients are busy people who understand the value of their time and want to spend it focusing on the things that are really important.  A personal assistant can give you greater choice in how you spend that time. 

Your Bonita Valet will take the time to get to know you, and be someone you can trust with your most personal and professional needs.  Your personal shopper, assistant, errand service and household management rate is a minimum $25 per hour plus gift/supply expense.   Click here for more information regarding our fees.