If you are a seasonal resident, have a Naples or Bonita Springs Florida second home or vacation property, or are an absentee owner, Bonita Valet Services will provide the finest and most reliable care of your home while you are away.  More than just a home watch service, utilizing Bonita Valet Services is like having an on-demand personal assistant.
Reliable Home Watch Service
Dependable Home Watch Service
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With the choice of several home watch companies in our area, what sets Bonita Valet Services apart?  More than just a "home watch" service, Bonita Valet Services is an elite concierge company for clientele in Naples and Bonita Springs who desire quality, extraordinary specialized attention.

The Bonita Valet Services goal is not about a large quantity of clients, but rather providing high quality, reliable service to a limited select clientele.  Personal references for the impeccable reputation of Bonita Valet Services are gladly provided upon your request.  Leave your home care in the hands of an experienced and professional home watch company - Bonita Valet Home Watch Services!


Utilizing Bonita Valet Services is like having an on-demand personal assistant.  Your Bonita Valet is here to assist you with your home watch, errand, or personal shopper needs.  Your Bonita Valet knows your bust schedule or geographical location often restricts what you can accomplish.  A concierge service like Bonita Valet Services can help.

For seasonal residents, winters in southwest Florida are a vacation from the cold and the last thing you need on your "vacation" is to come home to a problem.  You can count on professional handling of your home issues while you are away.  You will be notified of any problems and offered recommendations to correct them.  If problems are detected your Bonita Valet will work quickly with you for an efficient resolution.


Many home watch services receive "kick backs" or referral fees for using certain subcontractors, repairmen, or service companies.  Some home watch companies will even "pad" your bill, charging you more than what a repair or service actually costs.  Bonita Valet Services does NOT accept "kick backs" or referral payments from repair or service companies, and provides original receipts for all repairs or services rendered so you can be sure you are not overpaying.

Rest assured your Bonita Valet has over 20 years of home inspection experience and is licensed, bonded and insured with a $1,000,000 liability policy coverage.  There are no minimum contracts required, and charges are for actual services performed only.