Basic Home Watch Services are billed according to frequency of visits to your property.  For a one visit per week plan, the rate is $30 per visit.  Inspections once every two weeks are billed at the rate of $40 per visit.  Once a month inspection plan rate is $50 per visit.  Homewatch inspections include all basic home watch services as noted here.  (Quoted prices reflect homes 3,500 square feet and less - all others please call for your free no-obligation quote).  For all Home Watch Service plans it is assumed you will not require the inspection service while you are occupying your home, so you will NOT be billed for those weeks.  
For Personal Assistant and Errand Services, a one hour minimum applies to all hourly services.  Billing will be for a minimum of one hour at $50.  Each additional hour will be billed at $25 per hour.  Services in excess of the first hour will be billed in quarter hour increments.  As many services as possible will be completed within the first hour.  Cleaning services are billed $50 for the first hour, $25 each additional hour per cleaning person provided.  One-Time Only Services are charged at the rate of $50 for the first hour (one hour minimum), and $25 each additional hour (billed in quarter hour increments).   
Many home watch services receive "kick-backs" or referral fees for using certain subcontractors, repairmen, or service companies.  Some home watch companies will even "pad" your bill, charging you more than what a repair or service actually costs.  Bonita Valet Services does NOT accept "kick-backs" or referral payments from repair or service companies, and provides original receipts for all repairs or services rendered so you can be sure you are not over paying.
Cost of any purchases is NOT included in the hourly rate.

Visa and MasterCard payments accepted.

 Hourly rate begins from the time the office is left through completion of the task.
Rates for after hours, holidays, and weekend services will exceed the normal hourly rate.  Services during these times will only be charged through prior scheduling verification of the client.
Bonita Valet Services respectfully requests payment at the time of services rendered.
24 hour notice is requested for all tasks.  However, Bonita Valet Services will attempt to meet every request.  
Your Bonita Valet insists on your complete satisfaction.  Minimum term contracts are NOT required for any service provided by Bonita Valet Services.  If you are unhappy with your service for any reason, you may discontinue at any time with no further charges incurred.